Journey 2 The Mysterous Island Movie Review

Journey Two The Mysterious Island Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Better than Journey 1 for sure.

Rated: PG

Release Date: 10th Feb 2012

Nudity: None

After the debacle that was the first Journey To The Center Of The Earth, I was not excited about seeing Journey 2 the return of the cash grab.  Everything about this movie seemed less than it’s horrible predecessor, save for Michael Caine and Dwyane Johnson.  I have gotten that same response from anyone I talk to about this movie as well.  It is just not something people are excited about.   Hopefully I can change the mind of those with families at least.

Journey 2 is at the very least a solid, cute, fun family 3-D movie that has a good enough story for you to make it through the whole movie with your 8 year old.  Everything about this movie was better than the previous movie.  It was funny in the parts it was meant to be funny in.  It had solid action and CG to support that action.  It had a solid adventure story that if you are willing to suspend disbelief can carry you through the movie.  The 3-D was pretty good, because it was a dedicated 3-D movie from the start of filming.  Dwayne Johnson was great in this movie and delivered his great balance of action and nice guy.  It wasn’t just a cash grab, it felt like the people in this movie actually cared, and they delivered a solid product that I am recommending to all of you families out there.

This is a great movie for everyone to go see this weekend in the theater for a matinee.  I think without the kids this is a renter if you have a secret love for The Rock and want to see anything he is in.  It might be worth seeing in the theater in 3-D if you are a super fan of 3-D.  If you don’t love 3-D then I think this is a Sunday afternoon renter, but I wouldn’t shy away for this one if you like family adventures.

3 Star Movie Review

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