The Vow Movie Review

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One Sentence: Not as hard to watch as The Notebook.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 10-Feb-2012

Nudity: Man Butt

This weekend is the weekend all men fear.  They fear Valentine’s Day, are they doing it right, did they do the right thing, they have to go see The Vow.  I understand the fear.  A movie about love and memory loss.  Your significant other crying next to you as you stare at the screen and wonder am I supposed to be crying too?  That is the picture men are painting in their head about this movie, but I think all you guys out there will be surprised at the connection to this movie.

If you are going to this movie on Valentine’s Day then you probably at least like the person you are going with, and The Vow hits the right spots in the question of what would you do without the person you love.  They do it in a way that doesn’t feel forced on you.  You are not tricked into feeling, you just do.  You understand the story, the pain the love and the loss.  It works very well and isn’t the cheesiest thing you will see this year.  I liked this movie very much and thought that I could be seeing much worse things.  Like When In Rome.  It doesn’t hurt that I really like Rachel McAdams and she was great in this movie just like she always is.

So be thankful, this movie is good and it could be a lot worse.  Yes it is a sappy movie, and it might make the person you are with cry, but this is a well done movie.  It might make you appreciate the person you are with a little more, love them a little more.  It might make you a little happier you are together on Valentine’s Day.

4 Star Movie Review

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