Wanderlust Movie Review

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One Sentence: You have been lied to a lot about this movie.

Rated: R

Release Date: 24-Feb-2012

Nudity: Some, lots of penis.  Jennifer Aniston is not naked even though she has been claiming it in interviews.

I am pretty upset about this movie overall.  I am upset about the marketing.  I am upset about Jennifer Aniston going around saying she was filmed naked and it was amazing and liberating. She might have been filmed naked, but you are not going to see that in the movie.  I am upset that they are trying to sell the slow-motion action nudity, as sexy, when it is actually a bunch of overweight people over the age of 50 running in slow motion to get every jiggle for comedic effect.  I am upset that scenes from the trailers were not in the movie.  I think this movie is the worst offender of being lied to in marketing for a movie I have ever experienced.  Then on top of that it isn’t that good.

It is a far more negative movie than you are expecting.  I was expecting a fun, goofy movie about hippies and new life experiences, which it does do.  However it also gets really dark in some parts, and really creepy in others.  It uses gross scenes for an attempt at comedy that can be funny once but it just keeps beating it into you over and over again.  I did think it was funny in some parts and I was laughing, but there are other scenes where I was squirming in my seat and it wasn’t in a fun way.  When the movie ended I was relieved it was over, and I wasn’t impressed with what I saw.

I am not very happy with Wanderlust or whoever is trying to sell this movie right now.  I don’t think it is good enough to pay for and obviously so does everyone trying to sell it since they have to make up things about it to make it seem better than it is.  I would stay away from Wanderlust.  I don’t even think it is good enough for a rental.  What a let down.

2 Star Movie Review

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