Project X Movie Review

Project X Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Not the fun type of part movie.

Rated: R

Release Date: 02-Mar-2012

Nudity: Lots of boobs.

When I left the theater after watching Project X, I let out a sign of relief.  The stress was finally over.  I could let it go.  This party wasn’t a good time.  Maybe it is my nerdy, orderly personality, but I wasn’t thinking about the sex, or drugs, or alcohol.  I was thinking about the house, and the neighbors, and the destruction.  I was fearful of the kids, and as I write this sentence I realize I am fucking old, and this movie wasn’t made for me.

Project X is a Cloverfield style movie about the chaos that ensues when 3 high school kids throw a party.  It has almost no plot, is not shot very well, and is only humurous to the point of a slight smile.  It gets into some scary dark areas and made me feel uncomfortable, not like I was having a good time.  I didn’t like the kids, didn’t like the “romantic,” storyline, and just wanted it to be over.  I really didn’t have a fun time watching it.  I felt like it was perfect for the 18-25ers, but this one was just not for me.  It was the extreme reality version of Superbad with no one you cared about, and not nearly as funny.

I think most of you could skip this movie.  I don’t think there is much here for anyone.  It feels forced and that it is attempting to be cool, and on trend, and by doing so, feels too fake and overdone.  I personally wouldn’t even rent this one, but I think some of you might like it, so if you think it looks good, I would wait for it and get this one at home.  No need to pay full price.

2 Star Movie Review

  •  I’m still trying to figure out why this film left such a weird taste in
    my mouth. It’s odd, coming out of a film and having NOTHING to say
    about it. Possibly, it’s because almost nothing happens. They throw a
    party. It goes bananas. Stuff gets set on fire. Nothing you can’t
    divine from the trailer.

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