400 Rabbits – Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane

I was recently invited to the 400 Rabbits tasting at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.  The Alamo Drafthouse is opening a new theater in March and they have done something to break the mold again.  They have attached a cocktail lounge to the front of it called the 400 Rabbits. You can go there before a movie to eat or get one of the many tequila inspired cocktails, or just hang out with friends in the inviting lounge atmosphere.

Inside the 400 Rabbits

We grabbed a seat on the patio, an Austin TX must have for any great restaurant, and started eating.  This is the best food I have ever had at an Alamo Drafthouse.  This place is highly recommended just to eat, but you can hop right over to a movie afterward.  It’s awesome.  So let’s check out what they have.


The Alambres – A Grilled skewer of NY Strip, bacon and poblano peppers on an avocado tomatillo hatch with cotija.  This thing was so good and I want to go back and order so many more.  One of my new favorite dishes in Austin right now.

Sonoran Hot Dog

Sonoran Hot Dog – Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, flat grilled with green chili salsa, lettuce, white beans, pickled onions, tomato, jicama, cilantro mayo and cotija in a bolillo.  This is the best Hot Dog I have ever had in my life.  The bread was wonderfully soft, the hot dog and bacon with all the other condiments was perfectly balanced.  It was amazing.

Torta Ahogada

Torta Ahogada – Carnitas, pickled onions, refried white beans, and cotija on a toasted bolillo drowned in arbol sauce topped with fresh oregano and served with chips.  This was another amazing dish, the heat from the arbol didn’t get you right away. It snuck up on you slowly with a wonderful heat and another great balance of flavors.

There was a lot more to eat and drink.  Lots of tequila inspired cocktails that were delicious. The Paloma was my favorite, a blend of Tequila, grapefruit soda and  a pinch of salt.  Very tasty.

The 400 Rabbits is attached to an Alamo Drafthouse, which features seating with tables, making it comfortable to dine while watching a movie. We were also allowed to explore the theater after our meal.  All of pics of the new Alamo Drafthouse are in the Gallery.  I highly reccomend checking out this theater and the 400 Rabbits cocktail lounge as soon as possible.

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