American Renunion Movie Review

American Renunion Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: There is no need to go to your high school reunion.

Rated: R

Release Date: 06-Apr-2012

Nudity: 1 pair of boobs.

So it’s 13 years later, I am now 34, I was 21, am I the target for this movie?  Am I the guy who is thinking boy, I sure want to know what happened with the people from American Pie.  I don’t care what happened to them.  So I can’t figure out who this movie is for.  I can’t think of anyone who really wanted this movie to happen.  I couldn’t even get someone to go with me to the free movie.  Everyone said the same thing, I don’t care about that movie.

It was just as bad as you think it is.  Nothing cool happens, it is all just a bunch of grown up people without special lives, getting back together to have a mediocre party, while acting like the people they dated in high school were true loves.  It was like a bad adult prom movie.  With jokes that were set up to be knocked down.  It wasn’t witty, funny, or really anything.  It was as awkward as you running into someone you didn’t want to run into 13 years later and they tell you they have fallen on hard times as the broken glass factory they worked at closed.  The men were idiots, the women would fly off the handle without considering their partners and their history, it was all just really badly done.

If I had to pick out something good, John Cho was awesome in his very small part.  He was the funniest part of the whole movie for me, and he was in it very little.

So I would skip this movie completely.  There is no reason I can find to see it, I don’t know anyone that was really asking for this movie to happen, and I just think it did not work.  It isn’t a renter, or streaming or anything.  Just stay away.

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