The Avengers Movie Review

The Avengers Movie Review Poster

One Sentence:  You will be pleased.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 04-May-2012

Nudity: None

I was really doubtful about The Avengers, it was going to be too many story lines, too many stars, too much to fit into one movie.  I just had my doubts, I thought it would be good but not amazing.   I was wrong, it was amazing.  It did all the things I thought it could not do.  The things I think everyone was hoping for.  They pulled it off.  They really made this movie a good balance of geeky fanboy fun and a very solid movie that will be good enough for everyone, not just the nerds.

The cast all worked very well together, and it worked just like how I hoped it would.  Comedy, banter, science, Hulk Smash, awesome fight scenes, and Scarlett Johansson kicking ass.  She really trained hard for this and it really showed.  He fight scenes stood out to me as especially good.  It was all put together in a intertwining story that wasn’t confusing, hard to follow or made you feel like anything was left out.  I think if there was something wrong it was that the antognist and the main conflict could have been anything, and that was secondary to the first story of The Avengers and them working together.  Which is probably how it should of been anyway.  I just felt like the enemy was a little lacking, but I didn’t care that much because the rest of the movie was so great.   It was easily my second favorite movie from all of The Avengers cast movies, behind Iron Man 1.

So I think it is pretty obvious that I am recommending this movie for this weekend.  You were going to go see it anyway.  Now there is the matter of 3-D.  I didn’t notice it was in 3-D.  But they do have these custom 3-D glasses for the movie so you can get your favorite Avenger glasses, like Iron Man or Hulk.  I do not think the 3-D or the glasses are worth the extra money so skip the 3-D save the money for something else.  But go see it this weekend.

4 Star Movie Review


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