Chernobyl Diaries Movie Review Poster

Chernobyl Diaries Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: This is the last place for a vacation.

Rated: R

Release Date: 25-May-2012

Nudity: None

I saw a short preview for this movie early in the day, and I knew nothing about it.  I was pretty sure it was a horror movie, but the name does throw you off.  Like it might be something a little bit more like, sci-fi, or maybe even a period piece about the explosion.  It’s a horror movie, a shaky cam horror movie.  Done by the guy who made Paranormal Activity.  So it had that skill of just showing just enough.  Or maybe not showing enough.

The writing, acting, and story are all pretty bad here.  The idea of these 20 somethings doing the things they do and the decisions they make, is Darwinism at it’s best.  I would expect bad things to happen to them with the decision making these idiots do.  They deserve what they got.  Along with the bad acting, it was hard to take at first…then, it got scary.

Once the scary kicked in, it was scary.  Good, almost non-stop shaky cam fear making.  It worked very well and it was almost good enough to make you forget these idiots kept making horrible decisions that were making their situation more and more dire.  You got pulled into it, and my heart was pounding and Idid just and was scared.  So it was good for scares, bad for everything else.  It was enough to say that you should go see this one however.  If you are a horror fan I think it is worth checking out this weekend, during the day.  But not if you are planning a trip to Russia anytime soon.

3 Star Movie Review

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