Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World Movie Review

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Simple, funny, perfect.

Rated: R

Release Date: 22-Jun-2012

Nudity: None

This movie will make you look inside and ask what do you want to do at the end of the world.  You had enough time to know it is coming, now what.  Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World seems to handle this very hard question with humor, style and romance.  Never being too harsh or too sad, it dances around the invetable all while telling an amazing story of growth and love, all while making some very hilarious scenes.

Steve Carrell and Keira Knightly play different roles than are expected and I think deliver them well.  I wouldn’t say either performance was amazing, but they carry the story and it doesn’t feel weird or awkward, at least not when it isn’t supposed to be weird or awkward.  The whole movie ends up feeling beautiful and wonderful even when dealing with the end of the world.  It seems to take it all in stride, doing what we all would do in that situation, and making those last days feel amazing.

This is one of my favorite movies of the year and I think that it would be a great movie to see this weekend, if you are not into Vampires and Lincoln.  It is a good date movie if just a little sad, but the quality and comedy elements far outweigh the sadness, and it is a good sad anyway.  I was happy with how the whole movie ended up and I think it is a great movie for everyone to see.

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