Step Up Revolution Movie Review

Step Up Revolution Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Not the new best 3-D movie ever made.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 27-Jul-2012

Nudity: None

If you do not know I love the Step Up movies.  I think they are well shot, little escape pieces that entertain all while not weighing you down with all those heavy things like acting and plot.  I go into these moving knowing those things do not matter, that isn’t what these movies are about.  They are about color, style, music, cinematography and dancing.  You can have an awful acting and plote and as long as you get those things right, you will be making me happy.  The last one, Step Up 3-D I still maintain is the best usage of 3-D in a movie.  I was hoping Step Up Revolution would continue the trend.  Sadly, Step Up Revolution failed on all of those important things.

The number one thing I hope is not the fault of the theater, but there was no bass in this movie.  When you are dropping dubstep remix tracks to emphasize movement, I want to feel the bass in my soul.  I felt like they muted it, flattened the bass, it was awful.  This along with bad cinematography, and meidocre dance scenes really let me down.  No one from the last 2 Step Up Movies were a part of this movie and it shows.  It was just badly put together.  They don’t have a lot they have to get right for me and they missed the mark on all of those things.  When just bums me out because usually I have a great time at these movies.

So I am saying skip this one completely.  The 3-D didn’t save it, and they did nothing cool with it.  If this is the direction they are going with the series, then I think it is time to hang it up.  This was no revolution.

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