Total Recall Movie Review

Total Recall Movie Review Poster

One Sentence:  I was not disappointed.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 03-Aug-2012

Nudity: Yes, yes that nudity, just like the original, yes and the movie is still PG-13…I KNOW!!!!

Total Recall (1990) and a lot of Paul Verhoven’s movies hold a special place in this house.  I think collectively I have probably seen his movies repeated more than any other director except John Hughes.  So remaking Total Recall is going to be a hard sell for me.  I have been open to the remakes lately.  I think it is a better choice that editing the original content, and it provides a story that sometimes came from an amazing place, like Phillip K. Dick, another chance to shine.  I also like Colin Ferrell so I was open to this new Total Recall.

I am going to have to say yes to it.  I am as shocked as you are.  They delivered a solid action movie, with the elements I loved from the original.  They made it all pretty and new future, but didn’t break the original idea.  They did a good job.  One of the best things I liked about this movie was the well shot action.  They didn’t go shakey camera, and went with some smart shooting choices that were shot clearly and were easily viewed.  I had a good time watching this movie.  I thought it was fun, and I got into it.  Kate Beckinsale was just awesome in this movie and really was an awesome edition to the movie.

I am so happy to say that this movie is pretty darn good, and that paying to see this movie this weekend in the theater is totally worth it.  If you want a sci-fi action movie with a plot that you most likely already know.  It was still good enough to pay to see.


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