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One Sentence:  Dylan McDermott is the comedy star of this movie.

Rated: R

Release Date: 10-Aug-2012

Nudity: Nip Slip

I think this movie is far overdue.  You would think in our political climate this type of movie would of been made long ago.  We have it now however, and it’s timing is perfect, with the ramp up to the November elections.  It put together these two comedy powerhouses of Will Farrell and Zack Galifianakis together, and made a pretty funny movie.  However it might be a little bit different than what you expected.

Will Farrell is awesome in this movie.  He delivers the small town 4 term congressman Cam Brady with perfection.  As he does with all his characters, this guy just feels so true and real.  Zack’s character is not as solid.  The moral compass, he doesn’t get the insanity that Will Farrell does and it leads to a less funny more grounded character.  It was still good, but he was shackled a little more which just makes Will’s character that much bigger.  The real comedy star in this movie is Dylan Mcdermott, who delivers the weird and perfect campaign manager Tim Wattley.  He delivers this bizarre character, that just sticks out as wonderfully odd and funny.

The movie overall feels a little bit less than you might be expecting from this group of movie makers.  You would think with the story, actors, and general feel of the movie, it would be hilarious.  It is a funny movie, but if I was going to rank it against a lot of other Will Farrell movies, it would be on the lower end.  There was just something that wasn’t there, something that made it feel a little less full, and a little weaker in comedy and story.  Overall though I think it is worth seeing for sure.  I think it is a great matinee movie, and you should go see it this weekend.

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