Argo Movie Review

Argo Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: Ben Affleck can make tense movies.

Rated: R

Release Date: 12-Oct-2012

Nudity: None

After “The Town,” came out, and the amazing trailers for Argo.  I was just too excited to see the next subject from Ben Affleck.  It sounds so funny writing that, but he has really been a staple in my movie watching career and he has turned into a wonderful director.  Argo is no exception to this. The movie delivers just want the trailers suggest and it does it very very well.  With the current climate in Iran and our foreign policy, this movie seems like a well placed image for our time.

Everyone in this movie with their 70’s style, smoking in offices, and handling the tense situation delivered knock out performances.  There is quite a lot going on in this movie.  It has a lot of moving parts and it is all handled very well.  The pacing, the level of intensity, and the performances are all balanced together very well, and it really makes for an excellent movie.  Ben Affleck seems to have an eye and the skill to really deliver  something amazing.  I wish there were more movies like “Argo.”

I think it goes without saying anything more that this movie is recommended.  What should you go see this weekend however?  There is a lot to pick from and I would go see any of them depending on your mood.  Tense and heart pounding without horror, go see Argo.  You also have Seven Psychopaths, Frankenweenie or Sinister to pick from depending on your mood.  What a weekend for the middle of October.

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