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One Sentence: I wouldn’t read this review if you want a 100% fresh experience with this one, and you might.

Rated: R

Release Date: 12-Oct-2012

Nudity: None

Sinister opens with a cold, shocking opening with a 8mm reel sound playing.  The clicking and silence display a chilling scene that is well shot and leave you wondering what you are about to see.  For the first hour, I didn’t know if this was a crime drama or a horror movie, and it was wonderfully well done.  To not feel like a horror movie, but still have you be scared, to have writing and dialogue that is interesting and to make you want to know what happened to these people from the opening scene is something that rarely happens in a horror movie.   The way it unfolds you are looking at the clues, looking at what is happening and just wanting to know more.

Then shit gets all evil.

Sinister is a well balanced horror movie that builds to a point that is rarely done right in the genre.  This has story, crime elements, a family that is interesting, a back story that is huge, and some scary supernatural stuff.  All mixed together.  It doesn’t feel rushed, or like, suddenly dead people. It takes a slow pace and freaks you out the whole time.   I am not saying the movie feels slow, it does not.  It just takes a much smarter pace to get where it was going and the movie is better for it.  It is rare that I find horror to be this well written, but I enjoyed “Sinister,” very much and I thought it was quite scary.

This is a great movie for Halloween coming up and is a recommended horror movie if you are into that.  There is a lot to pick from this weekend, but I would go for this one if that is what you are into.  It is rare that horror is so good, and it is always fun to see this type of movie with a bunch of other people in the theater.  So I would go check it out if you can at night with a group.

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