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Les Miserables Movie Review

  One Sentence: It’s an opera not a musical. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 25-Dec-2012 Nudity: None About 1 minute before the movie started, the announcements came about the movie.  The announcer said one thing about the movie that stuck out, “This is a musical where all the words are sung.”  I have never seen Les […]

This Is 40 Movie Review

One Sentence: A little too angry. Rated: R Release Date: 21-Dec-2012 Nudity: Boobs Judd Apatow can almost do no wrong in my book.  I think he has his finger at least on my pulse of life and family.  I think a lot of others as well because people love his movies, and they do so […]

Playing For Keeps Movie Review

One Sentence: I am not sure who this movie is for. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 07-Dec-2012 Nudity: None Ok maybe it is for late 30 something divorcee’s with children?  That is the only group who I think this movie might be for.  I can’t think anyone else would like this movie very much.  I don’t […]

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