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Gangster Squad Movie Review

  One Sentence: A confusing movie not doing anything really well except beating people up. Rated: R Release Date: 11-Jan-2013 Nudity: None After the run of Oscar nominee movies and family fun during December, you really get some crap in January and February at the movies.  Gangster Squad throws you for a loop when you […]

Zero Dark Thirty Movie Review

  One Sentence: I found the parts leading up to the end more interesting than the action filled end. Rated: R Release Date: 04-Jan-2013 Nudity: Man butt. More talking.  Like my last review, Zero Dark Thirty for the most part is a talking movie.  Talking about people, places, messages, cell phones, and getting a single […]

Promised Land Movie Review

  One Sentence: A very good movie about land rights. Rated: R Release Date In Austin: 04-Jan-2012 Nudity: None I can watch Matt Damon talk about boring things all day.  Be it following a woman who doesn’t do anything particularly interesting, math problems, or land rights for gas shale as it is in Promised Land. […]

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