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Snitch Movie Review

  One Sentence: Good enough. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 22-Feb-2013 Nudity: None So this isn’t a full on action movie.  It isn’t like Commando where a father goes on a rampage for an hour and a half racking up a huge body count.  The scenes in the previews are just a small part of this […]

Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

  One Sentence: Thank god there are no vampires. Rated: PG-13 Release Date: 14-Feb-2013 Nudity: None So did you know this was a movie?  I didn’t until I saw it last night.  The preview makes it look like a stylized tween romance supernatural movie.  You know like Twilight, but it did look better.  Not only […]

Identity Thief Movie Review

One Sentence: More like an action buddy comedy, than a straight comedy. Rated: R Release Date: 8-Feb-2013 Nudity: None I was very confused about why this movie was coming out in the dead of February.  The time where movies go to die.  It didn’t look bad.  It has 2 very funny people in it.  It […]

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