Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

Beautiful Creatures Movie Review


One Sentence: Thank god there are no vampires.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 14-Feb-2013

Nudity: None

So did you know this was a movie?  I didn’t until I saw it last night.  The preview makes it look like a stylized tween romance supernatural movie.  You know like Twilight, but it did look better.  Not only did it look better than Twilight, it is better than Twilight.  You could have taken all of the bearable parts of all the Twilight movies put them together as a movie and Beautiful Creatures stands out as a much better choice for the 13 year old girl in your life and her 44 year old aunt.


I am really baffled by this movie, it looks like they spent a ton of money on it.  It was beautiful, the CQ was top notch.  It had amazing sets, good magic, and some really beautiful color choices.  It was entertaining, for a tween romance type movie.  The story was pretty good, and except for it feeling a little too long.  I really had a very fun time watching this movie.  The thing that confuses me is, why is it coming out now, on Valentine’s Day, to almost no marketing.  It is like they are trying to sweep it under the rug, and I don’t know why.  I would recommend this movie to almost everyone.

It is not an amazing perfect movie, but it was fun, it was sweet, and it looked amazing.  It had Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson in the same movie playing “casters.”  It was about teens in love and forbidden love and those tweeny things, but it did it in a way that I didn’t feel like I shouldn’t be watching this movie, and that it wasn’t made for me.

So it is with great surprise that I would say so far, if you are not going to the Nicholas Sparks movie for Valentine’s Day.  This movie is a fun alternative, that I think most people would be surprised they ended up liking.  I know I am just as confused as you.

4 Star Movie Review

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