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One Sentence: Good enough.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 22-Feb-2013

Nudity: None

So this isn’t a full on action movie.  It isn’t like Commando where a father goes on a rampage for an hour and a half racking up a huge body count.  The scenes in the previews are just a small part of this movie.  Not that many exploding semi-trucks, and gun battles.   These are there but they are not the main focus of the movie, and it makes the movie better, but harder to pull off.

With The Rock as your lead, you have to be careful.  I think he is capable of having some solid acting scenes, to a certain extent, and the trick is to get those scenes out of him without the movie feeling too cheesy or badly acted.  There were acting issues in this movie but they were not with The Rock.

So what we got was a tense movie about a father trying to figure out what to do about his dumb son who got arrested for receiving a box full of drugs.  It is careful, methodical, and well put together.   It builds scenes without action that are tense, scary, and make you sit on the edge of your seat wondering if The Rock is about to get killed.  It does this very well, and it also throws in some solid action sequences.  They do not overpower the movie though.   So we are left with a smarter action/thriller with a message about drug offences in America.

I like The Rock and always have, so I am going to say this movie is probably worth watching in the theater this weekend.  At least at a matinee.  I do not think this is a must go see, and you can wait, but I do think this is a fun one, and you should keep it on your radar for sure.

3 Star Movie Review

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