Evil Dead Movie Review

Evil Dead Movie Review Poster

One Sentence: I don’t know if I believe what is on the poster.

Rated: R

Release Date: 05-Apr-2013

Nudity: None

A lot of remakes and sequels going on right about now.  Some of them are good, some of them not so good.  I have Red Dawn coming today from Netflix and all I have heard was not good things.  I really had not heard much about the Evil Dead remake, except that Sam Rami was a producer, so you would hope he would try to keep it in the spirit of the original Evil Dead, which if you have ever seen Evil Dead, has a tree raping a girl in it, and is generally a very odd movie.

This new Evil Dead is a better movie I think if you were comparing it to the original.  This is from a purely film point of view and doesn’t take into account the blasphemy from fans that I just made by writing that sentence.  The plot makes more sense, the whole movie in general is a lot easier to follow and it is solidly scary, while having that slight tongue in cheek feel to it.  I really had a very very fun time with it.  I hid my eyes, laughed out loud, and was cheering during this one.  It felt like Sam and Bruce got the hint from Cabin In The Woods, along with their own great ideas on improvement of the original and made a very good remake.  It is no replacement for the original Evil Dead, but it is a good remake and I think it is worth checking out.

To see it in the theater.  I am going to say yes on this one.  I think the cultish vibe this movie has behind it and the quality of this horror movie along with the lack of good horror as there always is.  I think you should pay to see this one this weekend.  I mean if you are not going to Jurassic Park.  I think this one is great for a group of friends and I think you will have a lot of fun with it.  If you can handle a lot of gore.

4 Stars For Evil Dead


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