Jurassic Park 3-D

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One Sentence: Still one of the best.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 05-Apr-2013

Nudity: None

Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time.  It is amazingly beautiful, scary, action packed, and in general a fucking awesome movie.  I know a lot of other people feel that way too and I bet like me you are a bit scared of Jurassic Park 3-D.  A cash grab for sure, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be great, or even more awesome, but the fear is that you could destroy an amazing movie.

So I have something weird to report with Jurassic Park 3-D.   I didn’t notice it was in 3-D.  So…is that good or bad?   For me all I know is that I loved seeing Jurassic Park in the theater again.  They didn’t mess with it as far as I could tell.  There was a bit of softness around the edges of the movie in some parts, but I think that was the IMAX theater I was in.

So what is going on?  A 3-D movie without 3-D?   Well I think that part of it is that since every movie that is possibly out in 3-D I see in 3-D means I see too much 3-D.  This is a new and interesting idea in 3-D,  adjustment.  Our eyes adjust as our brain gets used to new images.  We stop getting a headache when we get new glasses.  Images seen as upside down can be corrected over time.  When a forced perspective is done to them like in 3-D and when it is subtle, it goes away.  This points to an interesting problem for the studios.  They want to ride that 3-D train to cash town, but the diminishing returns for 3-D make that impossible.   I think JP3-D was my threshold.  All I saw was Jurassic Park looking awesome and sounding amazing.

So this is an easy one.  JP3-D is great.  It is Jurassic Park in the theaters again.  It sounds and looks awesome and that is all you need to know.  So yes go see it again in the theater.  It is not very often when you get to look at movie like this again in the theater with 20 year older eyes.   So line up this weekend and fall in love with it again.

5 Star Movie Review


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