Iron Man 3 Movie Review

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One Sentence: You better have seen The Avengers.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 03-May-2013

I can’t really tell you to go see this movie or not.  That doesn’t matter, you would not listen to me anyway.  If I said this was the worst movie ever created and that you literally get punched in the face and your mother gets shot if you go to this movie, you would still go.  So let’s skip most of the review and talk about what we really need to talk about.  How you should prepare and what version you should watch this in.  That’s the only important things you need to know.

So if you know who Iron Man is, and that his suit is red and yellow and hes rich, you only need to see The Avengers for any references to this movie.  If you want to be fully up on all the references you might want to watch Iron Man 2 as well, but it is a minor point that you might not understand fully.  You don’t need to see any other of the Marvel movies around The Avengers.  They are both good movies, so it’s not like it’s a tough task to satisfy.  Catching both of those movies should make you fairly satisfied with Iron Man 3.

Now the format, I know this movie is available in 3-D, and I know some of you think that 3-D is awesome.  It is not awesome for Iron Man 3.  It actually made me dislike the movie quite a bit.  It made the movie much darker, the feeling more drab, and the overall emotion and danger that was attempting to be portrayed was taken down a notch by the muted grey colors.  It felt like a rain cloud over the whole movie and it just didn’t have that brightness and color that the previous Iron Man’s did.  I would take off my glasses during parts and it felt instantly different.  I should of just watched it blurry, it would of been better.

If I can do anything for you with this review, it is to tell you, DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE IN 3-D.  Help stop these awful conversions and releases and make 3-D go away for another 30 years.  You will have a much better movie experience and it is cheaper too.

3 Stars Movie Review

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