Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review


One Sentence: Lens flares everywhere.

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 16-May-2013

Nudity: None

I am not really sure why you are getting this review so late.  I got to see Star Trek Into Darkness last night at 9pm, it was released today.  This isn’t really something that happens in the movie critic world.  We either get it early enough to write a review on time, or we don’t get it at all.  To get it where it ends at the time the movie is released is odd, and I can not tell you why they did that, because I thought Star Trek Into Darkness was the best summer movie of the year so far.

The movie opens with an amazing display of color, 3-D, action and comedy.  It grabs you instantly, and almost never lets go throughout the whole movie.  It tells a lot of story fast, but it doesn’t feel like they skipped too much.  It didn’t feel rushed, but kept the pace fast enough to not feel long or slow either.  At least until the third act.

The third act kind of came out of nowhere, and I really thought they were going to end the movie at a different place, and leave us hanging, which I think might of been better.  Instead we got a little bit of a slower, softer ending, that probably was forced into the movie for the mass audience.  It wasn’t bad at all, it just took the pacing and feel of the movie and shifted it.

Together through all of it, you had comedy, action, good story, a good villain or two and a story line that I don’t think a lot of people were expecting.  I wasn’t that is for sure.  Maybe they wanted to keep it so secret that is why they screened it so late.  So sorry for this coming so late, luckily it’s Thursday and you get the movie a day early.  I would go see this movie for sure, and as per usual you can skip the 3-D.

4 Stars


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