Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s Movie Review

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One Sentence: We have always been on top, hahaha we’re fabulous!

Rated: PG-13

Release Date: 24-May-2013

Nudity: None

Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s is a new documentary releasing in movie houses around the world this week.  You probably haven’t heard about it, and unless you live in a big city you probably will not be able to see it either.  Bergdorf’s I found out is a department store on 5th ave in New York Ciry, and they would like to proclaim they are the best store of all the stores around, and here are a bunch of people in sunglasses to tell you that as well, but not really why.

Scatter is a scattered attempt at telling the story about a store in New York that sells clothes to rich people and why they are wonderful at it.  It provides very little that you would want to know and instead has a lot of quick snipit’s of celebrities and celebrity designers saying why they are wonderful without saying anything at all.  There is hardly any history, and even less how or why.   It really comes off as a long form commercial about a store that I guess is famous?  Until today I had never heard of it, and I enjoy fashion at least a little bit.

It seems to go on and on about not much, and jumps around to many different subjects without showing or saying very much at all.  They talk about the shoe salon at one point and how it is magical, without ever showing the shoe salon and having one stylist say “Oh I can’t talk about the shoe salon.”  Not why it is magical, how the process is put together, how the shoes are sold or anything of any value.  This is how the whole movie shakes out, except for a small focus on the window dressings and how they come about.  This was the only part of the doc that I found any interest in and it was still struggling to be interesting.

I was very excited by this one, I thought it would be another small subject documentary that found magic in the nuance and details.  Instead it missed every detail while patting the subject on the back for being the subject.  I think this doc is completely skippable and I wouldn’t even rent it. I found it very hard to make it through the 91 minutes of the movie.

2 Stars

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