Hangover III Movie Review

The Hangover III Movie Review Poster


One Sentence: Thank god it is over.

Rated: R

Release Date: 24-May-2013

Nudity: Yes

It isn’t that the Hangover III was bad.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as the Hangover II.  It was just that it was forced to be a movie, and forced on us.  There should of never been any sequels to The Hangover.  Just take your cash and run.  Judd Apatow knows you don’t sequel adult rated R movies because they have only one single fate.  To get worse.   The situations, the comedy, the story, the everything needs to be another level.  Sometimes that level means it goes too far.  While I am all about pushing the limit, sometimes it just gets lame, like you are trying to hard to impress us.  That is what it felt like with The Hangover III.

Couldn’t you all just stop it.  You are embarrassing yourselves and me.  I feel like you are doing this sad dance for money and it shows.  I don’t think this movie is really worth seeing.  It is humorous, and if you compared it to the second movie it is far better, but it just doesn’t do anything for the characters, the story, or the audience.  It is an action blended comedy with more of the same jokes, just packaged a little bit better than last time.  It is at least a different plot, so the movie feels a bit different.  I just can’t see to get over the complete lack of necessity of this movie to exist. It feels only like a cash grab and after I was done seeing it I felt sort of dirty for having liked the few parts that I thought were clever or funny.

I think it is pretty obvious that I am not recommending you see this movie.  You would be fine in the social world having never seen this movie.  It won’t be talked about, it won’t be talked about amongst your friends and everyone that did see it will forget about it less than a week later.

2 Stars

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