This Is The End Movie Review

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One Sentence: Everyone plays themselves and it is awesome.

Rated: R

Release Date: 7-Jun-2013

Nudity: Some penis.

I can’t think of anything more I would love than a comedy where all my favorite comedy actors play themselves and the end of the world happens.  It really is an amazing idea and if done right is comedy gold.  For me it was comedy gold.  It will be looked at by some as stupid, or too many dick jokes or on par with Harold and Kumar, but I don’t care.  I laughed my ass off watching this movie and I loved it.

Everyone was awesome playing the portrayed versions of themselves wonderfully.  It made me believe ever more so that these people are exactly as we all expect them to be.  I don’t care if it is real or not, the way this movie is made you want to believe and you are dying because it is so damn funny.   It is wonderfully put together and is a great balance of comedy and stupidity and the fake glimpse into the lives of celebrities.

The ending is not as soft and sweet as some of the other rated R comedies that these guys are in, but I am fine with that.  Not everything has to end with Emma Stone kissing Jonah Hill.  It really fit with this movie.  It was silly, it was stupid and it was so damn funny my sides hurt.  I think you should go see this movie this weekend.  It is too good to wait for DVD.

5 Stars

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