The Kings Of Summer Movie Review

The Kings Of Summer Poster


One Sentence: A coming of age film that I think every kid should see.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits Scene:  Yes

I was getting tired of those independents that are all about hipsters being hipstery with their muted toned blazers and their lost love issues.  It seemed like every movie coming out was the same thing.  Luckily The Kings Of Summer was the most un-hipster movie I could of hoped for and it was awesome.

So this movie is rated R because they say Fuck more than 2 times during the movie.  That is a base rule they have at the MPAA, and this movie does not deserve that rating in any way.  So much so that I think you should go see it with your kids.  I think around age 9 and up is probably fine.  I don’t have kids so I could be totally wrong here, but it really seemed like a teenage sandlot for the kids of this generation.  It is funny, smart, and meaningful.  It is beautifully shot and a good family movie despite it’s R rating.  It teaches about independence, family, strength, and friendship and it does it wonderfully.

I got out of The Kings Of Summer and was excited, and hopeful.  I wanted to tell you all to go see this movie, bring your friend and family and have a good time at a simpler movie.  A well done smart movie that I think will be an American classic summer movie.  This one will be owned by a lot of people and be cherished by many.  Check it out.

4 Stars for The Kings Of Summer

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