The Purge Movie Review

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One Sentence: It does make you ask yourself that question.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

I am tagging The Purge as a thriller.  I am doing this because there is nothing supernatural in it.  It is not gratuitous in it’s blood and gore, and it deals with the emotions of people in a situation that is at least possible.  It asks you, if you could break any law for one night would you, and what would you do?  I think this all fits into a thriller more than a horror movie, and really it didn’t feel like a horror movie.  It was tense, it was scary, but not horror.

The Purge sounds like something at least to me that would work, if we look at these types of themes we get The Hunger Games, Death Race 2000, and Battle Royale.  All of which are in my opinion solid movies.  It makes us look a little more at humanity and ask if this is ever possible, and these movies work because I think we all know that maybe in some weird way it is possible.

The Purge comes on very smoothly, everything seems to make sense, we get tiny bits of back story enough to understand but not enough for it to bog down the movie.  Then it hits, and it goes on strong.  It is well done, scary, tense and makes you want to know what happens.  The only issue I have is that they are in a single house and it seems so huge that you can get lost in it, but it doesn’t look that big.  Outside of that issue the movie is great.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I really had a fun time watching it.  It is set up to spawn sequels that I don’t think will be as good.  They can leave this one as is, but I do not think they will.

There are a lot of choices for this weekend and they are all good.  It really depends on what you want to watch.  The Purge is another great choice.

4 Stars for The Purge


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