Man Of Steel Movie Review

Man Of Steel Poster

One Sentence: A completely unremarkable experience.

Rated: PG-13

After Credits Scene: No

Nudity: None

I feel sorry for anyone directing a super hero movie, especially a Superman one.  The expectation are so high, the past movies so bad, and there is just so much sitting on your shoulders.  You better not mess up this story again.  Batman has been nothing but great, Superman has been almost all bad.  Can Zack Snyder pull it out of the slump?  I would say Man Of Steel is a very good retelling of Superman, that I have almost already forgotten about.

I mean it wasn’t bad.  That is a thing right?  I would watch it again if it was on cable.  I would say that this Superman doesn’t suck.  Are these good reviews?  Are these things we would say about a super hero movie?  Iron Man 3 was awesome.  Avengers was excellent.  The Dark Knight trilogy broke the mold on what a super hero movie was.  Man Of Steel didn’t piss me off.  See it isn’t quite the same level.

I can say it had Amy Adams in it, and I love her.  But she played Lois Lane, who in this movie was pretty much the most important person on the planet.  When you watch the movie you will understand.  That was a little bit silly and overdone.  It felt truly like a comic book.  With no regard to reality or science or things, it just felt a little bit too fake.  I know that is a weird thing to say when talking about a comic book movie about a man from another planet, but when you see it you will fell it too.  Also the fights didn’t make much sense to me and this is the thing I have always had a problem with, with Superman.  They are throwing each other into things and wrecking stuff, but not hurting each other.  It doesn’t make sense, why fight at all.

I don’t know.  It was fine, I would go see This Is The End over this any day of the week.  This is not going to be the most hated Superman movie ever made, but it also will be as forgotten as most others.

3 Stars for Man Of Steel


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