World War Z Movie Review

World War Z Poster

One Sentence: The scariest depiction of Zombies across the world.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits Scene: No

There is no delay in Zombies, there is no set up, there is no warning, there are just zombies.  Scary fast fucking zombies.  28 Days Later gave us a look at fast zombies.  The loss of nations and portrayed them very well.  I think World War Z has more money and paints a picture that feels like it is looking through a wider lens.  It shows the world, hence the title, and really gives you a global look at what could happen if zombies became a thing, and it is scary.

Things happen so fast in this movie that it takes a little bit to catch up.  Who is Brad Pitt’s character and why is he special, takes a little bit to figure out.  You really are hit with zombies so quickly that the stress level is ratcheted up so quickly and never let’s go you feel like you are always feeling like you are out of breath and looking for a break.  Which I think is what was intended and is done very successfully.

The movie is scary, well shot, and full of action, I would say the weakest part of the movie is the Zombies.  Their CG sometimes felt a little weak and overall they feel like they are shot at a distance and always feel sort of comical in their portrayal.  Not really funny, but weirdly goofy, in a way that I think probably makes sense from a “real world,” look at zombies, but it still felt a little weird.

That is me just looking for something to mention it really is a fun, scary movie.  I really liked it quite a bit and was surprised at how scary and real it felt.  This is a great movie choice this weekend if you are looking for monsters, but not the animated kind.

4 Stars World War Z

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