The Longe Ranger Movie Review

The Longe Ranger Poster

One Sentence: Lighting did not strike twice.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: During credits, not worth staying for.

Do you know how you put together a bunch of people who made something great once and they attempt to do it again, and it almost never works?  Whatever it is about that one thing can hardly ever be duplicated.  It’s the magic.  That is what The Lone Ranger was trying to find, the magic, of Pirates Of The Caribbean, and it just could not do it.  It missed a lot.

Lets get right to the important things.  Yes Johnny Depp was fun, and good, but he was not amazing and he could not carry this movie.  Even with the deep pockets of amazing character actors that were in this movie it just could not be held up.  It is a shame because it is a wonderful list.  Barry Pepper, Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, Stephen Root, Johnny Depp and an amazing villain played by William Finctner, and one funny horse.  Writing this out I am very sad to see such a wonderful cast, and it just didn’t come together in the right way.

The problem was the story, it seemed hasty, cold, and missing something.  I think this movie had a lot going for it, except for trying to make us like The Lone Ranger as an entity.  Armie Hammer didn’t make us want to love him, and didn’t make us want him to win.  He felt like a fish out of water, not knowing what to do against the presence of every other great actor on screen.  This along with a weak story that didn’t really deliver franchise worthy story lines left the movie feeling empty.  Becoming forgotten among the list of summer blockbusters that just don’t cut it.

2 Stars The Lone Ranger

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