We’re The Millers Movie Review

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One Sentence: Eyebrows!

Rated: R

Nudity: Man parts

After Credits Scene: During Credits

I don’t have much to say about We’re The Millers.  The movie is wonderfully average.  I say wonderful because it wasn’t awful, poorly put together, or really had anything to let me tear it apart.  It was funny, it worked, and that is it. It isn’t going to be a cult favorite.  It isn’t going to be very many peoples favorite.  It isn’t extreme like The Hangover, or other rated R comedies.  It is just fine.

Sometimes I think average is wonderful.  I liked it, I think others will and that is all you need.  Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a home run, if it’s fun.  This is where We’re The Millers lands, I think it will make some critics give it a lower rating, but I do not think you will see a mass of hate coming from everywhere, and this will get people to go pay to see it this weekend and that is a good thing.  It is good enough.

Now I know this might give you reservations about seeing it and that is fine.  I totally get it.  I would not pay full price for this movie, if at all.  If you are looking for a comedy, for this weekend this movie will fit nicely.  You are not going to want to go see Disney’s Planes (Review tomorrow) so your choices are limited.  I think this is a great choice, but don’t expect the best comedy of the year.  Expect an wonderfully average comedy.

3 Stars

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