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One Sentence: It is like District 9 with Matt Damon instead of Aliens.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits Scene: None

If I were to take the parts of Elysium I liked and the parts I thought were overdone action that didn’t really fit into the movie that I thought I was watching I would have almost two equal halves.   So I don’t know if that means I liked half of this movie, or that the half that should not have been there made the rest of the movie not work.

When I left the theater I thought that I had just seen an all right movie with a lot of poor action sequences, but as I thought about it more and more, I think we missed something great, and really got a crappy movie instead.  The movie we got was a story about a space station that was for super rich and the poor left on the dying planet it orbits.  Sounds very cool, and this is where I wanted more.  What I got instead was Matt Damon wearing some sort of plastic tubing punching things.  The statement that Neil Blomkamp was trying to get across was a simple one, and one that if done right could of been great, but it got all mucked up with these silly suits, and a villain who was absurd.

There wasn’t enough focus on the Sci-Fi class story that was trying to be presented as the glue for this movie.  It was thin at the beginning, and it was falling apart as the story went on and as Matt Damon got the third or fourth fatal injury that didn’t kill him.  It just got to this point where nothing made sense, and the action was so silly that you didn’t remember what was the point of all this robo fighting anyway.

I think as a semi-expensive summer action movie staring Matt Damon it was ok, but its potential as something better, something more was lost along the way.  It ends up just being another summer movie that most people will forget about.

2 Out Of 5 For Elysium

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