Kick-Ass 2 Movie Review

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One Sentence: Kick-Ass 2 kicks a whole lot of ass.

Rated: R

Nudity: Boobs

After Credits Scene: Yes

Kick-Ass came along and it blew me away.  It was funny, action packed and awesome.  It seemed like a tiny movie with a big story that did very well.  Kick-Ass 2 got announced and I was worried.  How could they capture that much ass kicking again.  The addition of Jim Carrey left me a little bit scared they were going to go off in a way that was going to push it in the wrong direction.  At least that is what I thought.

Kick-Ass 2 was awesome.  Everyone a little older, a little more reflective, a little more evil and a lot more Kick-Ass!  This movie was a great mix of action, amazingly well shot action, comedy, coming of age, and a super fun great story.  It was so well put together.  When I left the movie I was thinking to myself, this movie is small, simple and amazing.  Why can’t most movies feel this natural and easy.

Jim Carrey could of been anyone.  He was fine, but he wasn’t used for what Jim Carrey can do.  The stand out’s were Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Grace Moretz.  They both delivered amazing performances and Mintz-Plasse was so entertaining and hilarious.  It is rare that a sequel can live up to the first movie, and it is even rarer that the second movie be better, but I think Kick-Ass 2 did it.

This is one of my favorites for the year for sure.  It is a full price line up for Midnight showing type of movie with you and your friends.  I can’t wait for the third if they make one.

5 Stars for Kick-Ass 2


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