Closed Circuit Movie Review

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One Sentence: Not the gripping thriller I had hoped for.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

This movie is 96 minutes long.  It is a movie about a bomb going off in a public place, a government trying to hide evidence in a highly public trial, and the people who know too much.   I feel like something with that much intended power and force needs to be over 2 hours long.  96 minutes just doesn’t allow for enough story to make it deliver the punch you want, and you can tell that it is missing that little bit extra that could have made this a great movie.

It feels rushed, not well thought out, and missing important elements that would make this movie more…something.   I felt like there was not enough evidence for any of what was going on.  The characters had answers and suspicions before there was ample time to figure it out, or we never knew how they knew what they did, and it didn’t drive the suspense like it should have.  There was no build up, it was already done by the time we got to the scene which left the movie feeling very hollow and lacking the power I was hoping for.  No evidence gathers, just answers.  Every scene was another answer to a question we didn’t even have yet.

I was hoping for a great thriller, spy, court room movie.  I got a short, spy movie with a tiny court room scene in it.  The spy stuff wasn’t strong, the court room was short and lacking and the climax fizzled out and left me wanting a lot more.  This movie ended up being more of a big brother message that wasn’t delivered well enough for you to care.

2 out of 5 for Closed Circuit

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