Riddick Movie Review

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One Sentence: I feel like it’s 2000 all over again.

Rated: R

Nudity: Katee Sackhoff and others boobs.

After Credits: None

Fast And Furious is back, xXx is coming back with Vin as well, and Riddick comes out this weekend.  I don’t know what lucky creature Vin Diesel has hidden in his house, but I want to get one for myself.

There are those who have never even heard of the awesome 200o cult hit, Pitch Black, and there are others like me, that think it is a great sci-fi movie that everyone should see.  Pitch Black is where Riddick came into existence and if you haven’t seen it I would check it out after you go see Riddick this weekend.  They reference each other but are not required to understand either.

This new Riddick film calls back to that wonderful little movie Pitch Black, maybe a bit too much at times, but is forgivable for the most part.  There is an attempt to carry the larger 4th movie story arc through Riddick, but it is only for a brief moment and is inconsequential to the movie or your being entertained.  After it gets all of that plot out of the way, you are really looking at a plotless 4th movie that calls back to the multi-sequel horror films of the 80’s.  It doesn’t matter what the story is, as long as the kills are entertaining, the action keeps going, and the boobs are frequent.  The first two are there, but there are only a couple of pairs of boobs throughout the whole movie, it didn’t quite feel gratuitous enough to quite keep pace with the great 80’s, but it tried.

It worked by the way.  The reason why those movies were so popular was they exploited the things that were great about the characters and kept going with it, in various more elaborate ways.  It might have been a joke, but a joke that everyone watched and loved.  Riddick is just like that.  It is funny, fun, action packed, with awesome kills and Riddick being awesome.  It is pure entertainment and if you are ok with watching very little plot with a lot of good action and quips, then you will have as great a time with Riddick as I did.

4 Stars


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