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One Sentence: These people deserve nothing.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

There are not many times that I can remember where I never saw a place for a movie.  Even movies I have hated I have felt like they probably have a place in Cinema, or with a certain set of fans, or something that makes them belong somewhere in film.  I am having a real hard time finding any reason why The Family exists as a movie.

If I really was reaching I could say that anything with Dianna Agron in it is worth seeing because she is stunning, but I don’t know if that is valid enough of a reason for a whole movie to exist.  Besides her, I can’t find any reason why anyone would ever need to see The Family.  Which I think is a comedy?   I am not sure about that.  It is more like a Xenophobic attack on the French and a look into the lives of 4 psychopaths, that happen to be a  family.

It was not funny, not cute, not smart, not witty.  It was a view into 4 seriously disturbed people, and an attempt to make them anti-heroes.  It instead only makes you wonder why did you have to spend any time at all on these horrible characters, and what on earth was Luc Besson thinking trying to write a movie for people like this.   You never because emphatic toward them, or were given any level of understanding of their ultra-violent behavior.  You are just shown that these sickos deserve nothing, except long jail terms to be forgotten forever, which is what I wish I could do with this film.

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