Don Jon Movie Review

Don Jon Movie Review

One Sentence: A lot of porn.

Rated: R

Nudity: Tons

After Credits: None

Don Jon is not for everyone.  It is explicit, brash, and hard to deal with.  If you have stars in your eyes about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being in anything, and that he is so dreamy you might be surprised by Don Jon.  He is a hard character to handle.  The type of person Mtv would give a show to.  Except there might be something else to him.

A movie about pressure, misdirection, confusion about growing up and the look at our new porn based culture.  Don Jon covers a lot and has a message that is directed at people who will never see this movie.  Those that do watch it, will nod their heads in agreement with the message, and the way that it got there for the most part.  Some will say it didn’t have to go that far with the porn, and others will say it was wonderfully directed.  This movie is the kind that will be hated by some and loved by others.  The one’s that hate it will say the message is good, but it did it in a way that they could not handle.  I think that was the intention of this movie, for it to be in your face, so the message could be delivered clearly.

As far as an enjoyable movie, it is still an entertaining movie with an ending that works.  It has some ups and downs, but in the end you feel satisfied.  You laughed, you felt horrible, and in the end you are smiling.   With such a strong clear message sometimes you don’t leave the theater feeling like I did at the end of Don Jon.

3 out of 5 stars


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