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One Sentence: You have to go see this in 3-D IMAX if you can.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

Avatar was an amazing movie, but it felt, like a CG animated movie in some parts.  A groundbreaking movie, but still, some of it felt a little painted on.  The trick is to take what Avatar did and make it look more real, so real that you ask yourself, how did they do that.  Gravity did that.  The moment in Jurassic Park where they see the first Dinosaur eating at the tree and he goes on 2 legs, and the music builds and you know movie making will never be the same.  Gravity is another fixed point in film history, and things will never be the same.

It was mind blowing.  It was truly amazing.  It pushed movie making to a limit and went past it.  Gravity is an amazing creation of art, science, and beauty.  It is a movie I will never forget, and will be one of the movie I reference in 20 years just like I did today with Jurassic Park.   The other great thing about Gravity, is it is not just a CG fest, or has a weak script that is carried by it’s technology.  It is a beautiful movie with a wonderful script, and Sandy does an amazing job.

I think it is easy to see that I recommend going to see this movie.  I also say, go see it in 3D IMAX if you can.  The beauty of this movie is only made even more powerful by the amazing size and clarity of an IMAX screen.   It is rare that I say you should really go see something in IMAX or 3D.  I only say it when I think it will make the movie better, and this is one of those times.  Without a doubt.  I will be going to see it again in IMAX this weekend.

5 Star Movie Review for Gravity

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