Carrie Movie Review

Carrie Movie Review


One Sentence: I wish the movie has as much style as this poster.

Rated: R

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

This reboot makes sense, classic story, a movie that isn’t a cult hit that most kids born after 1990 would not have seen.  The topical issue with bullying today.  It all fits for a reboot of Carrie.  So what do you do with a reboot, do you try to retell the classic story and not change too much, or do you turn it on its head so it is not recognizable from the previous movie.   This reboot of Carrie went with the former, being almost the same exact movie.  I think I was hoping for something a little different.

Outside of the addition of cell phones and You Tube, this movie feels so similar to the original that it didn’t need to be made, except for the fact that you can’t get a 20-year-old to watch a movie made in 1976, so why not cash grab it.  I am not saying this movie is bad, outside of some weird choices for some of the effects, like some weird large rocks in a scene that made you wonder where they came from and Chloe’s slight odd Jedi hand movements, the movie is as satisfying as it was in 1976.  The justice of revenge courses through you as it does through Carrie, and the rage boils inside of you.  Director Kimberly Pierce seems to capture this rage well.

The movie builds with a slow eerie feeling, that leaves you in knots through most of the movie.  Chloe does ok as the tortured Carrie, especially in the shower scene, but some of her direction comes off a little awkward later in the movie.  Not awkward like Carrie the character, awkward in another out of place way.  You are satisfied with the ending, and the very last shot I think is done better than it was done in 1976.  So if you are old enough to have seen Carrie I don’t think you need to go again.  For all the new kids out there, go check out this classic, redone.

3 Stars for Carrie

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