Last Vegas Movie Review

Last Vegas Movie Review


One Sentence: This is not The Hangover, Bad Grandpa’s Edition.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

This movie is like the old lady on the dance floor at the wedding of your cousin that you hung out with twice before when you were kids.  It’s a nice cute thing, that all of those regular people that are nice and have kids and normal lives would like and would tell as a story for the next 4 years.  This movie is perfectly middle of the road.  Old guys going to Vegas, and talking to young girls, and having a huge party.

The jokes are luke warm, and slightly humorous.  The story is slightly sweet, about growing up at 70 years old.  It all felt like a Hollywood generated idea, put into a machine that spit out this script and these 4 actors, and threw some money at them.  They flew out to Vegas, added a topical band from 2 years ago to the mix (LMFAO) and served.

I think this movie will have no problem making money, and no problem being on TV for the next 10 years.  It was unremarkable, and completely forgettable.  Made for everyone, by a machine that prints money.  I would skip this one, you will never have to pay to see this movie.

2 Stars for Last Vegas

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