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The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie Review

  One Sentence: I think this movie has more naked women in it than any movie I have ever seen. Rated: R Nudity: A absurd amount. After Credits: None Merry Christmas, how about a BJ, and some cocaine off a strippers booty in the first 2 minutes of the movie.  And to all a good […]

Saving Mr. Banks Movie Review

  One Sentence: I feel like she never deserved Mr. Disney. Rated: PG-13 Nudity: None After Credits: During photos and actual audio recordings. This is a confusing one for me.  It really isn’t about Walt Disney that much and is far more about the writer of the original Mary Poppins books.  It is shown as […]

American Hustle Movie Review

One Sentence: Curlers Everywhere. Rated: R Nudity: Some After Credits: None This movie is all about acting.  It is a performers movie.  People pushing amazing characters through a time that was not the best time in America.  They lead these characters through a sad and comical story that gets a little bit off the rails. […]

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