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Buy, Sell and trade your vinyl figures including Kidrobot and Dunny.

  Recently I have been getting into Vinyl Figures, Dunnies, Misfortune Cats, Unicornos and Vinylmation.  They are little figures designed by artists and come in blind boxes.  You don’t know what figure you will get, so sometimes it is hard to get the figure you are looking for.  A friend of mine has started a […]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Review

  One Sentence: Jack Ryan is back it’s a prequel, I think, or I can’t tell anymore. Rated: PG-13 Nudity: None After Credits: None I think I will skip with the what version of Jack Ryan is this, and just go with if the movie is any good.  I will just put him under the […]

Her Movie Review

  One Sentence: My unexpected favorite of 2013. Rated: R Nudity: Boobs After Credits: None The whole thing looks like hipster garbage.  The previews are poorly put together, and Joaquin’s Mustache puts this in a place where independents go to die.  I was very worried about this, but Spike Jonze did make me feel at […]

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