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One Sentence: My unexpected favorite of 2013.

Rated: R

Nudity: Boobs

After Credits: None

The whole thing looks like hipster garbage.  The previews are poorly put together, and Joaquin’s Mustache puts this in a place where independents go to die.  I was very worried about this, but Spike Jonze did make me feel at least a little hopeful.  Maybe they just didn’t know how to sell it to normal people.  Hopefully the word of mouth will fix that, because if I didn’t have to go see this movie I would not have.

I am so very glad I did, and I can not express enough how I think almost everyone will love this movie.  This sci-fi masterpiece is not what you expect.  Ignore his mustache, or his sad poster.  Ignore Amy Adams, Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson is in it.  Ignore all of the previews.  Ignore everything and just go see this.

This is one of the best looks at the future, and the questions of our lives moving forward with these systems that we sit in front of all day.  It creates a believable future, and the questions about love, and the Siri like personas that are coming into our lives every day.  It is simple, amazing, funny and perfect.

It is my favorite movie of 2013.  (2013 because it is on the Oscar list for 2013) I think everyone will fall in love with this movie.  I would go out and see it as soon as you can.  A wonderful movie watching experience.

5 Stars for Her

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