Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Review

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Movie Reivew


One Sentence: Jack Ryan is back it’s a prequel, I think, or I can’t tell anymore.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

I think I will skip with the what version of Jack Ryan is this, and just go with if the movie is any good.  I will just put him under the umbrella of Bondish character, who doesn’t have an age, or any type of story arc between movies.  He just appears does his thing and then comes back 10 years later, a different age, different person, and like the other events never happened.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a semi-tense action thriller that doesn’t suck.  It has action shots that you can see and are visually well shot.  It has Keira Knightly with an american accent and very sharp shoulders.  It has Kenneth Branagh playing a bad Russian.  It has Chris Pine’s amazing blue eyes, and him running with his back upright, take right from the Tom Cruise school of acting.  What more do I have to say.  It was a throw away movie that was entertaining.  It works as an action thriller and at the very least keeps you entertained.  It didn’t feel like a horribly schlocky attempt at a movie, and for January that is saying something.

So you can check it out.  I actually liked it enough to say I wouldn’t mind this team coming together again for another movie.  I felt like Jack Ryan was a little flavorless, like he could of been any actor and he has been.  Outside of that it kept on with the story, action, and thrills. I don’t know if it is worth the full 10 dollars, but I don’t think I would be disappointed if I paid that much to see it.  3 Stars for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

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