Buy, Sell and trade your vinyl figures including Kidrobot and Dunny.

Buy, Sell, Trade Dunny and open blind box figures.


Recently I have been getting into Vinyl Figures, Dunnies, Misfortune Cats, Unicornos and Vinylmation.  They are little figures designed by artists and come in blind boxes.  You don’t know what figure you will get, so sometimes it is hard to get the figure you are looking for.  A friend of mine has started a new website to help with that, it is called There you can buy, sell and trade all sorts of blind box figures.

So I decided to make a post to help tell the world about this site and about blind box figures.  It is awesome if you are into blind box figures. If you would like to see what I am talking about because you do not know, click on the link and check out the site.  They have a twitter @openblindboxes and a facebook to see all the newest figures that have come in.  Check out these guys.  The one below is called a Dunny.  The shape is always the same and the artist makes them look different.

Joe Ledbetter LA Dunny

Dunnies from Kidrobot are the most popular shape and artists from all over the world have done pieces.  They come in 3 inch, 8 inch, 20 inch and now 4 foot tall sizes.  They are highly collectible and some are very hard to find.  There are lines out the door for new releases at your local urban vinyl store.  They have lots of names, Urban Vinyl, Vinyl Figures, Vinyl Toys.  There is probably a community near you that is as obsessed as I am.

Anyway, I figured I would tell the world what I have gotten into, and maybe get some of you into it as well.  Be careful once you buy one, you will want another and another till you have over 300 dunnies like I have.  I still don’t have all of them though, one day.

  • Rex Tyrannosuar

    I have a alex pardee x kid robot black edition un opened how do I sell it?

    • Thereviewer

      You have to go to

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