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One Sentence: Clooney’s hair was so dreamy.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

I love the history of this story.  I love the idea of it, and I think it is worth turning into a movie and I think the cast of this movie was a good choice.  I think a history special on these men would be an amazing thing to watch.  However I think “The Monuments Men” missed the mark with the delivery of this story.

The tone choice was a bit light hearted with jokes and dialog that would help keep the movie light, and fun in the middle of bombed and destroyed Europe during the end of WWII.  Only feeling slightly heavy during some scenes, and it made the tone of this movie feel wrong.  I think these men were very important, and we have to thank them for what they did.  I think the goal is to tell the story without falling into the trap of every other WWII movie, but it felt like they couldn’t get the tone right and it made the whole movie seem awkward and on a roller coaster of emotion that wasn’t intended.

For these reasons I think that this movie probably can be rented or skipped.  I don’t think anyone who isn’t interested in history, or art needs to see this movie.  I think that anyone that isn’t going to try to find a cable documentary on the actual history of this, but is interested will be happy with a rental.   I think that you can skip it in the theater however.  It just isn’t good enough to shell out big bucks for.

3 Stars for Monuments Men


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