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One Sentence: If you forget the acting for some characters, this movie is pretty good.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: None

The second remake from Paul Verhoven’s 80’s classics is on its way to the big screen.  The feeling of dread was building with the PG-13 rating and the fresh memory of the Total Recall remake.  I think it is almost an automatic feeling of dislike for a remake.  We look at them as cash grabs, and not necessary.  Something as classic as Robocop could be done horribly.  Not that the original movie was that great when I really think about it, but it did have something that just made it wonderful.  A cult hit that will be loved for a long time.

So it is 2014 and Robocop is coming out tomorrow.  They got rid of the chest explosive gun shots and all the things that would keep it at a R rating.  They kept the bad acting, and they added a very well written look at drone usage in America and abroad.  I know that sounds implausible, but there are some very good cultural statements in this Robocop.  They are clouded with some bad acting by Robocop actor Joel Kinniman and his wife Abbie Cornish, but there is also Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Jackie Earl Haley and Michael Keaton who all do great jobs.  It is rushed at times with who is the bad guy and who is the good guys, but it keeps up well enough that it didn’t feel like magic that you got the ending that happened.

We traded out excessive bloody gratuity from the master of it, and instead take a look at applications of this technology in a “real world.”  It doesn’t suffer for it.  I just would have likeed some gun shot wounds so big that they splattered the camera.  I think you would like this movie even without them.  So check it out when you can.

4 Stars for Robocop 2014

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