300 Rise Of An Empire

300 Rise Of An Empire


One Sentence: 300 on the water.

Rated: R

Nudity: Eva Green topless plus others.

After Credits: None

I can get behind this. I am all for another movie styled like 300.  I do not need an amazing story, just cool costumes, cool cg, blood, boobs and war.  It satisfied all of those things. It is a good thing it did, because without all of it, this movie would have sucked. 300 Rise Of An Empire is the exact same movie as 300, with a different hero, a different villain and it was on the Ocean instead of on land.  There were still monsters, and amazing sword battles, and cool ships and back drops.  It feels really close to the original.  It has Eva Green as an awesome dressed bad girl, leading the Persian Navy and looking smoking hot while doing it.  It has all the things that it should have to make those who pay to see it satisfied.

It doesn’t have the depth of the original 300 in story or character however.  I know that is saying quite a lot since the original 300 didn’t have a ton of depth.  300 Rise Of An Empire felt like a gratuitous cash grab with tits and blood splattered all over it.  I loved it, but it did feel a lot more hollow and a lot weaker of a story.  I hardly cared, but the sheen will wear off a lot quicker on the second 300.  I think the rewatch value is a lot lower on this one, but who cares.  I am never going to watch this movie again but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love seeing it the first time.  It is a wonderfully entertaining Hollywood movie and totally worth spending a few bucks on and then forgetting you ever saw it.

3 Stars Movie Review


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