Captain American The Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier Poster


One Sentence: One of the best Marvel movies that has been made.

Rated: PG-13

Nudity: None

After Credits: In the middle of credits.

I did not like the first Captain America very much.  It was a lot of back story, and I don’t really connect with Captain America that much.  I didn’t know a lot about the comic book, and I felt like he was too much of a goody goody to like.  The first movie didn’t shake that feeling too much, but I warmed up to him a bit in The Avengers movie.

Captain America The Winter Soldier had a hard time with it’s marketing, because while it is an action movie, it has a lot of plot going on. A lot of smart, well written plot.  Character building that was interesting.  Black Widow was dealt with a lot more in this movie and I really liked that.  Everyone had a little bit more time to develop and that really helped.  Fury, Captain America and Falcon.

So along with this character development that was worked well into the full bigger plot, the full bigger plot was awesome!  I loved the story, the way it was written, the threat.  It all just worked so well together, I was glued to the screen, dying to know what was about to happen.  It was a little bit less funny than some other Marvel movies, but to make up for it, it was a lot more violent.  It really turned the fighting up to 11.  Good shots, good moves and loud punches that you felt in your chest.  Sound editing was amazing.

This was really a great Marvel movie.  So it goes without saying I think that you should go see it this weekend.  It is totally worth it.

5 Stars for The Winter Soldier

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